Saturday, December 31, 2016

Promote For FREE

Free Ways to Promote Yourself

I have run across many ads that charge for promoting authors and their works. They all spout that they are the best. 
They will gain you thousands of followers. 
They will help you sell more books. 

But where is the proof? 

In fact, I was rather shocked to find an author stating that they had the secret to building your author platform for only $299.00!  

And they have not been the only one I’ve seen. To me that is not selling books, it’s selling empty promises, and making money off others dreams.

How much money are you willing to spend as an Independent author to promote your work? 

Before I get into the spiel, I will tell you that I gave one site a chance. They charged $24.00 a one-time fee (forever) with the promise of hundreds of twitter shares a day … and Yes it’s true they have shared my book more across that platform than I could have – but has it led to ANY sales? NO. So, think about the whole picture before you pay.  

I work full-time and write whenever I can. I do not have a bankroll to toss around at advertising or self-promotion. Over the last year, I have been clicking link after link, reading advertising sites, and trying to find any free way that I can.

I am going to share that with you, for only -  $0.00

Below are all the links to building your author platform for FREE... 
We have the internet at our disposal, use it.
Yes, you may have to set aside one day every two weeks – or one hour a day – whatever works for you, and do some research. And then more time building a website, and still more time creating new profiles on multiple sites. But unless you want to pay, this is how you need to market your own work.

Use the internet it’s your most valuable tool. 
Search, read, ask and find.

Good Luck and Happy Writing.

The Literary Net educate, facilitate communication, and help you build your literary career.

Promocave our social engine will promote it FREE to up to 3 million potential readers per day.

Medium -Self expression-writing-articles

Wattpad – Write – contests - bestsellers

Locanto (Canada or USA) Free Online Classifieds – Because why not!

LinkedIn There are more than 40 million students and recent college graduates on LinkedIn. They are LinkedIn's fastest-growing demographic.

(This is the paid site)
IAN admin tweet 100+ member pages a day. 7 days a week to over 535,000 followers.

Pinterest – create boards – pin your work

WIX – create a Free Website – or lots of them  

And you should all know Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Google+

Bonus – a couple of Free Review Sites, they too are time-consuming as you have read through their guidelines and many are too full to accept new submissions, but we must never give up.